Are your Facebook Ads not working?

September 8, 2018 Marketing 0

Facebook seems to be the main talk these days when it comes to internet marketing. There seems to be a lot of hype on the internet about the amount of traffic on Facebook and how you can leverage it to use in on your online business. However, while it is actually a great way to get more leads, it isn’t as easy as it seems as many marketers will find out. Using Facebook ads are not cheap as many people claim it to be especially when you are not doing all the right things.

In fact many marketers actually gave up on using Facebook Ads as they were surprised at the price of the ads and were unable to make back on their initial investments. It is no surprise then that people do get scared when things like that happen. But why is it then are there still marketers out there still raving about it and why are some people continuing using and spending thousands of dollars on Facebook ads every single month? Well… Let us explore on why your Facebook Ads are not working properly for your business and how you can tweak it to work for you.

Why are people on Facebook?

For one to be able to properly market to the crowd on Facebook one will need to understand the reason to why people actually go on Facebook every day. One of the main reasons for people to go on Facebook every day, day in day out, is because they are there to social and play games. In other words, they are there to be entertained. No one goes on Facebook to be marketed or sold to. This is the reason why most people who are accustomed to search marketing tactics fail miserably when they move on to Facebook Ads.

They treat the Ads on Facebook as the same as other PPC platforms and guess what? Things won’t work out the same because the mentality of the people on Facebook differs so much from those who are doing the search. The biggest difference is in the intention of the crowd. People who are searching on the search engines are very targeted and are actually there looking for something. However, for the people on Facebook, there has been never there looking to buy anything, instead they are actually there to have fun so if you just try to sell to them right there you are going to fail miserably. This is why you want to move your traffic away from Facebook first before you go into selling anything to the crowd on Facebook.

Short and Precise

The first thing you will want to change in your Facebook marketing strategy is to actually change your landing page into something very short and precise to get the attention of the Facebook audience. Remember, the people at Facebook are there to enjoy so their attention span on distractions (in this case, your ads) will be very short. This is why you cannot afford to try a lengthy landing page and hope they will be interested. Instead a short and interesting landing page will be what you need to get the attention you need and then quickly turn them into your subscribers so that you can market to them more effectively later on.

Use Facebook page then your own website.

Another way to improve your Facebook Ad campaign is to actually use a page instead of using a landing page of your own. The simple reason is because you are going to be able to get the cheapest click this way. When you use a Facebook page instead of your landing page, you will be able to rank up your fans very fast at an unbelievable price per fan.

However, that does not mean that you will be able to get a lot of sales from a page which is why you will still need to get your fans and turn them into your subscribers. This is vital because when your Facebook fans turns into a subscriber of your newsletter, that’s when you can effectively market to your Facebook traffic.

Build your list for a stronger marketing campaign.

As we have mentioned before, you need to build your list using the Facebook Fans or Facebook Ads. The reason why most people fail and lose money with Facebook Ads is because they treat the traffic they get from there as if they are the same. You have to treat the traffic from Facebook entirely differently. Therefore you will have to try this concept right and then adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Once you get his right, you will be able to see a significant improve to your Facebook Ad campaigns in both the price of the ads and the returns that you will get from it.

Almost everyone knows about Facebook these days… but only a select few has heard of Facebook’s upcoming graph search. It is currently on beta and for those who are invited only. Here’s what you get from a super database full of user information and you allow the world to use the database as a search engine. This will indeed rock the marketing world. To prepare for this potentially crazy wave, here is some information that we’ve gathered about Facebook’s graph search so far.

What to expect on Facebook’s Graph Search.

First of all, Facebook’s Graph Search will be showing search results that are based on people who are connected to your Facebook’s account. Furthermore, you will also be shown your connections’ connection and those who are connected in multiple tiers. This is because Facebook aims to create a search engine that helps you find results that are most relevant to the searcher. This means you can find results that are based on your friend’s activity comments or even their notes. This is a very powerful engine, especially if marketers are going to be using it for their marketing efforts.

What this also means is that the search results will vary tremendously for every user. Yes, your search results will look different than that of a different account, and it should be unique to you. This thus makes is a worrying fact for us marketers as we cannot control what others are seeing and it will be hard to monitor what everyone is going to see or hear regarding information that is related to our niches.

One interesting thing to take note on the Facebook’s graph search is that unlike Google you get 12 search results per page, and you can filter your results based on places such as restaurants, hotel, airports and etc. You can even filter them based on the ‘like’ button that Facebook has made significantly famous. All in all, there are tons of other filters to play with and this makes it very good for local searches and local businesses that wish to make a presence online.

Another interesting thing to note is that the searches can be extended with photos, videos and it can show you who have actually visited the aforementioned place.

What is Facebook’s Graph Search Good For?

Well, for starters we can definitely see it as a great tool to search for people that you are connected to. This means as a marketer we may be able to use this great tool for an in depth market research tool on people who are connected to your accounts or even your existing fan page.

Next you can choose to use it for local searches. Well it is definitely good news for local businesses who wants to expand their advertising online and for offline business consultants as well. This is a big step toward innovating and creating a bridge that will shorten the distance between off liners and online searchers. Be prepared for the future and how localized business will market their business. Also, we can definitely see this engine as a media and entertainment search. This is could potentially be very good for those who are currently using videos to market their offers.

Some extra thoughts…

The question about this Facebook’s Graph search is that will people be embracing this new power that will be released to the public? How will the users react to such a big change? These are the questions that will determine our very future on internet marketing and offline businesses itself. If the answer is a positive one than we marketers will be granted a very unique tool indeed.

The great news to this tool is that when it is released small marketers will definitely be able to jump in and take advantage of it as we do not think that big companies will invest into it immediately. Hence the early birds will definitely be able to get the worm. We still have no idea is Facebook is going to try to monetize with this new graph search engine or if there will be ways for advertisers to slip in an ad or two onto the search results.

What we do know is that as a business owner, we think this tool can be used to encourage user activity such as sharing, liking and make use of momentum to get even more momentum to your business’ growth. One thing is for sure. When this gets released, the waves that it will make will be very impactful especially for those who are currently in the offline business and those in the social network marketing. Making full use of this platform remains unknown until the final release day arrives.


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