Welcome to Titan Algorithms (Titan Algos for short). This is a blog run by small group of friends who currently wish to remain anonymous. We come from a variety of business related backgrounds such as Accounting (accountingchick), Finance (fishfinfinance), General Business (generalsergeantbusiness), and Debt Collection (mrdebtcollector). We put this blog together as we wanted to share our knowledge as well as delve a bit into the digital world and get some experience from running our own website.

Our aim with this blog is to talk about our respective fields and no doubt, we’ll be cross pollinating our ideas across our different disciplines in various ways as we ask dumb questions about each others professions. You can expect some quality, professional opinions about the 4 areas of business as well as some quality banter and cheeky humour spread throughout.

The Blog

This blog is for you if –

  • You work in accounting, finance, business or debt collection
  • You do not work in accounting, finance, business or debt collection
  • You are a student looking to break into one of these industries
  • You are in one of these industries and are trying to move up the ranks
  • You want to learn more about these industries
  • Are just starting out in corporate and want to learn to play the game

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